Make a huge leap

in 3 amazing days

Live Ceremonies 7-16 and Earth Ceremony in Glastonbury (UK)

One weekend and a fully connected light body matrix

All Ceremonies 7-16 are given by The Template architects themselves. In 2 days they give 11 Ceremonies straight on and on the 3th day there is an extra Earth Ceremony on the top of the Tor. After you did the 16th Ceremony your system will be totaly reconnected. As they say "when it ends, it will begin". In the time after the Ceremonies your bio-computer will process and unfold all the information of the Ceremonies. More light will flow into your system. Light is geometric information. Light is the language the universe operates on.

Now that you are able to let more light flow into you system and that you can process all the light by your reconnected circuitry, your hole being starts to shift and operate on a different frequency that is aligned with your original self and the universe. It can be a difficult time for a while when your new frequency starts to meet the frequency of your previously daily life. You will have to face yourself and the life you are living. Don't worry, You will learn to breathe through it and remember who you are.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will make time for you to answer all your questions.  

How to participate

We are never sure, but for the moment these Ceremonies are given once a year in Glastonbury. The Ceremonies are held in the beginning of December and when December is fully booked, there will be a second weekend at the end of January. These Ceremonies are organised by The Template architects themselves. You can book them via their website. 

Ceremonies and pricing 2020

C1-6: January - Assembly Rooms - ambassador Lynn

C7-16 and free Earth Ceremony: January 26th-28th - Assembly Rooms - Jiva & Juliet Carter - £375

Your subscription is definitive after your deposit is made on the account of The Template. When for one reason or another, the Ceremonies are canceled, no panic, your money will be refunded to you. You pay the balance of your participation fee at the day of The Ceremonies.

Location and stay

How do I get to Glastonbury?

Fly to Bristol Airport. From Bristol you can take the bus (2 - 2,5 hour drive, £20) or take a cab (1 hour drive). We know a cab that drives you for a fixed price (£50). You can also come by car (cheapest way).


Looking for a room to stay?

There are a lot of lovely air-bnb's, bnb's, appartments and vacation houses to stay in Glastonbury.

Do I have to bring my lunchbox?

Yes, you have to take care of your own food and drinks during the event. Nice restaurants: Excalibur, 100 monkeys, Rainbows End cafe and more, all arround just the corner of the Assembly Rooms.


Things to do in Glastonbury

- White Spring: important spring to The Template (read the book Worldbridger)

- Red Spring

- Climbing The Tor: the center of the portal that is Glastonbury (= Isle of Avalon)

Any more questions?

Please contact us and we will make time to answer all your questions.

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