Een exceptionele versnelling van je ontwikkeling

This is not magic, it is real ! 

The Template, jouw origineel menselijk sjabloon

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Essential background information & newsletters

Pratical information for Grimbergen Ceremonies

Participate LIVE Ceremonies 1-6
Grimbergen (BE) Glastonbury (UK)
Participate LIVE
Ceremonies 1-6
Grimbergen (BE)
Participate LIVE
Ceremonies 7-16
Glastonbury (UK)

Practical information for Glastonbury Ceremonies

Next Ceremonies & events

Glastonbury (UK)

22-23 January 2020 - Ceremonies 1-6 - by ambassador Lynne Bowkett

24-25-26 January 2020 - Ceremonies 7-16 & Earth Ceremonie - by The Template architects Juliet & Jiva Carter

Grimbergen (Belgium)

Ceremonies 1-6 by ambassador Jennifer Carmen are planned as soon as we have a group of 15 participants. Do you want to participate? Please let us know by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Ceremonies 1 till 3 are free online

Before you begin, read this vital message !

You have to do all Ceremonies in order starting with Code 1 "Original Innocense". The Template is a reinstallation process of your original settings as a human according to your original human blueprint. The reinstallation has to be done in order and complete to make it work. You only have to watch the whole movie once and till the end. The reconnections made are permanent. When you hear sentences spoken in echo, rephrase these sentences audible. The connections in your system for the reinstallation will only be made if you see the movie and rephrase these echoed sentences with you own voice, so you can hear them by yourself.

Online Ceremonies available on YouTube

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