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Join this wonderful event, reconnect your circuitry

Video Ceremonies 1-4 in Grimbergen (Belgium) 

Two evenings, 4 Ceremonies,
reconnection to the Source

Ceremonies in Grimbergen are projected on a big screen. Remco will give you an into talk and answer all your questions. He has done all 16 Ceremonies several times and hosted Live Ceremonies 1-6. For those who want to do all Ceremonies, you can join the Live Ceremonies 5-16 in Glastonbury.

The Template are a serie of Ceremonies. The architects have chosen for Ceremonies, which have nothing to do with religious ceremonies. The ancient people use ceremonies for important transitions in their life. A ceremonial event is the best way to integrate information into your Human system. Ceremonies 1 till 4 can be followed for free on video. Ceremony 5 till 16 and the Earth Ceremony are exclusively given by the architects themselves in the Glastonbury (UK), USA, Ubud (Bali) and Bayron Bay (Australia). They are intended to share all the Ceremonies for free on Youtube. Ceremonies 1-4 are already online available.


You always have to do Ceremonies in order without skipping any for they are build upon each other. Like building blocs you begin with the fundaments. If you want to do the Ceremonies live you will always start with the first one, even when you done the first 4 Ceremonies online. We have to be sure that every Ceremony is done properly before we do the next one and that you will get all the essential information. We test your circuits before and after each Ceremony to be sure they all are well connected.

Book The Template Ceremonies 1-4

First evening/afternoon: Ceremonies 1-3: 30

Second evening/afternoon: Ceremonies 4-6: 30

How to participate

Write us a message using the form at the bottom of this page. As soon as we have 8-15 participants we will start a Doodle for scheduling a date that fits for all participants. If you have any friends who are likely to come, please let us know. You may also bring a group together yourself. Ceremonies on location are possible. 

You decide yourself how many Ceremonies you want to participate in. There is one golden rule: you have to do The Ceremonies in order from the start (no exceptions are made).

First evening/afternoon - Ceremonies 1-2:  30

Second evening/afternoon - Ceremonies 3-4:  30


How do I get there?

The most comfortable is by car. There is enough parkingspace in our street. There are buslines from Vilvoorde trainstation (25 min), Kapelle-op-den-Bos trainstation (25 min) and Brussel-Noord trainstation (60min). Depending on which busstop you arrive, it will be an 5 till 15 minutes walk from the bus stop.


Any more questions?

Please contact us and we will make time to answer all your questions.


Ask us all your questions

InnerWorld - Remco van Dijk

Kadol 6

1851 Humbeek (Grimbergen)
10 min from the ring of Brussels

+32 486 600 254

Send us a message

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